“Spider-Man: Far From Home”: the producer announces a secret villain for the movie

On the birthday of Tom Holland comes important information about the movie Spider-Man: Far From Home. But this time it is not a leak of the same actor, but one of the producers. The tape will have many more villains than you can imagine.

Eric Carroll shared some words with Total Film Magazine about the characters that would face Spider-Man. As it has been seen in the trailers, Hydro-Man would make his first appearance at the UCM with Molten Man.

However, there has also been an elementary of sand and rocks, which many believed was Sandman. Spider-Man: Far From Home These were the words of the manager: “We went to search and found some characters, I will not say exactly yet because we want the fans to connect the points, the internal joke here is that they are level B enemies of Spider-Man. the comics called Hydro-Man, which is a man made of water but who wears a shirt and a haircut. It will be fun to see Hydro-Man on the big screen. ”

According to the rumors, Electro’s participation could possibly be hidden. In the first week of July will be known the great secret that is keeping Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios with respect to the villains of Spider-Man: Far From Home.

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