Producer of Spider-Man: Far From Home reveals another mysterious villain in the movie

Spider-Man: Far From Home

The fans will see Hydro-Man and Molten Man, villains of Spider-Man, with some changes in their MCU debut in Spider-Man: Far From Home. We also saw an Elemental in the trailer that seems to be made of sand, and although we have not seen any merchandise to detail it in depth, it has some resemblance to the Sandman of the comics. Far From Home’s executive producer, Eric Carroll, was not ready to reveal the identity of the Elemental, but revealed that there is an Elemental still unknown (through ComicBookMovie).

“We dig and we find several characters,” Carroll told Total Film magazine. “I’m not going to say exactly what they are, because we want to leave some points in the air so that fans can connect them.”

It remains to see who is that Elemental, and while we assume that it is Sandman who appears in the trailer, Spider-Man: Far From Home  it could always be someone like Quicksand if they wanted to leave Sandman for another movie. Maybe we will see a combination of characters to perform the Elementals.

Scary villains

As to why the villains changed their appearance, Carroll responded as follows.

“The real internal joke is that they are based on level B Spider-Man villains,” Carroll said. “Actually, there’s a villain in the comics called Hydro-Man, who’s a guy made of water but who wears a T-shirt and has a weird haircut …” Carroll said they wanted to make them “a little scary and threatening … It’ll be fun see Hydro-Man on the big screen in a way that we think is great. ”

Another character with whom they could carry out the Elemental take is Electro, but that is a great villain of Spider-Man, and the fans might feel a bit disappointed if a great villain like that is relegated to be a faceless Elemental.

Venom would appear in the movie “Spider-Man: Far From Home”

Spider-Man: Far From Home

After the premiere of Avengers: Endgame, now comes Spider-Man: Far From Home. This film has the task of showing the beginning of Phase 4 of the UCM and a theory says that Venom would appear.

Spider-Man: Far From Home could count on the presence of Tom Hardy, who played Venom in the last Sony Pictures film. Although the criticism is divided with respect to the film of the symbiote, the theories announce an important crossover on the big screen.

According to Twitter, a user known for his filtering of Marvel Studios, Roger Wardell, announced that Spider-Man: Far From Hom Sony plans to introduce Venom in a forthcoming Spider-Man film by Tom Holland.

“There are no plans to add Deadpool to a Spider-Man 3 on the MCU, but Sony desperately wants Tom Hardy’s Venom in this movie,” reads Roger Wardell’s tweet.

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Recall that Sony has the rights of Spider-Man and Venom, so it is likely that both universes are merged somewhere in the plot. Deadpool, on the other hand