This Thursday starts presale for “Spider-Man: Far From Home”

Only 2 weeks away for the premiere in Chilean theaters of “Spider-Man: Far From Home”, the 23rd film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and second solo film of the Spider-Man of the MCU.

And in our country, the pre-sale of tickets for the premiere of the long-awaited film starring Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal begins tomorrow, Thursday, June 20, in all Chilean movie theaters.

Check out a new preview of “Spider-Man: Far From Home” below.

The new poster of ‘Spider-Man: Far from home’ unleashes a wave of memes in the networks

Spider-Man: Far From Home

Maybe ‘Spider-Man: Far from home’ is one of the most anticipated films of this summer, but if your success depended on the reception you are having your posters, surely theaters would be emptier than the universe was after the Thanos click. The new IMAX poster for the latest film of the third phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has not convinced the fans, so it has not taken long to become meme meat in the networks.

The arrival of Spider-Man at the UCM was a breath of fresh air for the franchise after the last film of the spiderman Andrew Garfield failed to convince at all. But the success of Tom Holland’s version of the arachnid hero has not been accompanied by fans’ posters, which have already shown that they can make great posters, although on this occasion they have chosen humor to create posters parodying what some say it looks like “school art projects”.

Lately the posters of Spider-Man fail to convince at all. The first solo movie of spiderman at the UCM was also a victim of memes, presenting a poster in which elements were intermingled in such a way that a veteran designer came to think that he was not ready to come to light. These posters may not be the best in the world, but at least the films they promote do not follow the same path.

Spider-Man and Venom, together again?

With the plans for Marvel’s future filmmaking kept in limelight, at least for now, fans flock to every rumor that appears on the Internet to try to discover which characters could reach the UCM. And whoever takes time to play Spider-Man again on the big screen is Venom, and although nothing is confirmed yet, there are already some who say that Sony wants to join Tom Hardy and Tom Holland in the same Marvel movie, something certainly more likely than a Deadpool appearance in the upcoming Spider-Man movie. Who will debut in the UCM with the friend and neighbor Spider-Man is the Mysterio of Jake Gyllenhaal, whom we can see in ‘Spider-Man: Far from home’ on July 5.