A new look at the Spider-Man costumes: Far From Home

While Spider-Man: Far From Home was filming in Europe and the United States, it was revealed that Peter Parker will have two new outfits during his second solo movie for Marvel Studios.

But, although the photos that revealed the costumes were not so bad, these images did not offer all the details of Spider-Man: Far From Home the completely black suit and the red suit with dark touches that the arachnid will wear.

However, while there is still no official footage of the film, now, in the framework of the Comic Con Experience in Brazil, models of both outfits are being exhibited that reveal in detail the new Spider-Man looks.

spider-man-black suit

First of all we have the “stealth suit”, the black outfit that was first captured in the middle of a supposed battle with the villain Mysterio, and that according to these photos will mark its different design from the mask, through the lenses to the suit itself. Spidey

On the other hand is the black suit with red, this re-design of Homecoming attire that was first captured in the middle of the scenes of Peter and MJ in New York.

As evidenced by the photo, among other features, this new suit will have a new model of spider on the chest and new launchers.

The director of “Spider-Man: Far From Home” reveals Peter Parker’s biggest responsibility after “Avengers: Endgame”

Spider-Man Far from Home

After helping save the universe in Avengers: Endgame, Peter Parker just wants to be a child and pause in the responsibility of being a hero, but Nick Fury has different plans.

The director of the film, Jon Watts, commented in a recent interview with Fandango how the personality of Spider-Man will continue to be developed in Far From Home:

“You know that in the last movie it was like he was ready to move forward, but the world was saying no, now Spider-Man: Far From Home the world is asking him to show up, and he’s not sure he’s ready for that level of responsibility.”

“He’s still a 16-year-old boy from Queens, it’s something I can relate to, I remember being a child and desperately wanting to be treated like an adult, but then, suddenly, they treat you like an adult and then you realize that maybe it was better when they treated you as a child, once you cross that threshold, there’s no turning back. “